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The Dos and Don'ts at a Dance Studio Concert

The Dos and Don'ts at a Dance Studio Concert

The Dos and Don'ts at a Dance Studio Concert

A concert in a dance studio Apopka is something to look forward to and getting the chance to perform helps build confidence, empowers and excites any dancer. If your dance studio Apopka is planning a concert, here are some tips on what is expected of you while preparing for the concert and during the concert itself.

A dance studio concert is often the big event of the year and all of a dancer's activities throughout the year are geared towards ensuring a great performance on the big day. The last few weeks of dance classes Apopka are the most important, and these are the classes that a student should not miss. Teachers expect that all dancers have mastered the choreography and those last few classes will only be to perfect the little details. And at this point, you are expected to concentrate, focus and take to corrections.

Students are also expected to take good care of their costumes if the studio gives you your dance costumes to take home before the performance. Follow any specific care instruction that the studio gives you. At your dress rehearsal, make sure you dress the way you would dress for the concert. Have your hair made, and your makeup on. Your teacher will see you in your full performance costume and make any adjustments where necessary. A dress rehearsal helps dancers get ready by putting them in an ideal concert environment thus helping them overcome jitters and stage fright as well as prepare them adequately for their concert performance. Please note that you should never wear costumes on your way to rehearsals. This is to ensure that the costume does not get wrinkled, damaged or rippled. Also, carry along with you a labeled bag where you will keep any under clothes, warm-ups tights, hair accessories, makeup, water, and snacks.

Backstage dancers are expected to be quiet through the duration of the show and respect the performing dancers. More experienced dancers should put the younger ones through where necessary so that their confidence level can remain high and secure. You should know where the dressing room and bathrooms are in case you need to use them during the show. And it is also essential that you have your warm-ups ready to wear in case it gets chilly backstage.

Most times, parents and students are asked to stay in the audience area, but some studios ask their students to stay backstage. At a dance concert, the standard gift is flowers. For some dance studios, flowers are sold in the lobby while some offer buyers for sale online. The flowers to gift a performer in a dance studio Apopka do not have to be a bouquet of roses; a couple of carnations pass across the message, "Well done!" as well.

A concert at a dance studio Apopka should be fun and exciting. Students and family members should be able to enjoy the performance of the dancers. 3D Motion Dance Productions is a dance studio Apopka that can put together a good studio concert and prepare you adequately for it. to enroll for classes, contact us today via phone or email.