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Different Types of Dance

Different Types of Dance

Different Types of Dance

Dance has different meanings to different people and diverse cultures. For some, dance is an art, for others dance is a form of exercise, others dance is an expression of their personality or individuality, and some other people see dance as a means to showcase and preserve culture. Dance studios in Apopka are a great place to learn different forms of dance.

Dance is an art of expressing our personality, individuality, uniqueness and cultural differences through body movement, body language, and style. Dance is also a form of exercise as it helps relives the body of fats. For some individuals, dance is their way of life as that’s what they breathe, eat and live.

There are various types of dance styles around the world, each is unique and has its own cultural background. Take a look at some of the popular dances around the world.


Ballet dancing originated from France and Italy in the 15th century. It’s one of the most difficult, highly technical and body tasking dances in the world. It’s a dance that requires poise, style, and graceful body movement. As a ballerina, you are expected to have Long and elegant limbs, strong and firm back, straight legs, equal body size to manage activity strains of dancing, strong muscles, small body frame, and a fairly small head.


Salsa is one of the Latin dances that has Its origin from Cuban folk dances since the 1940s. It’s a sensual dance involving two people (usually a man and a woman) that requires energetic body movement and inventive choreography. Salsa dancing has its own style of music which is suitable for the form of dance. It involves leg work counted to a beat of 8 before the next change in movement. Usually, in this style of dance, the man leads, while the woman follows his lead. Salsa dancing can be done professionally or as a social dance in clubs, bars or at an event.

Belly Dance

Belly dance is regarded as one of the most sensual, captivating and expressive dances in the world, which has its origin from Egypt in Africa. Unlike other forms of dancing that requires a partner, belly dance is usually a solo performance that involves vibration of the hip or the upper torso. This form of dance is a combination of fluid bodywork and swift percussive movement to emphasize rhythm, hip work, shivers, spins, and shimmies.

Hip hop

Hip Hop dance got its fame from the streets of New York in the 1970s, at the same time rap music was beginning to gain popularity. This style of dance has no strict rule to obey or follow. It’s a very energetic dance that can be performed by a group or as a solo performance. Hip hop dance has broadened over time to include other forms of dancing like breakdance, Jerking, creep walk, krumping, juking and funk.

Dancing is a fun way to unwind, exercise and preserve culture. Visit our dance studio in Apopka today to learn how to dance ballet, tap and other dance forms today. Call us or send an email to book a free class.