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Do’s and Don’ts of Ballet Dancing

Do’s and Don’ts of Ballet Dancing

Do’s and Don’ts of Ballet Dancing

Being successful at what you do require hard work, patience, perseverance, and rules to guide you through. Whether you are a dancer, writer, doctor, lawyer or any profession you practice, there are rules to keep you in check to ensure that things happen professionally and in an orderly manner.

Like the popular saying, ‘where there is no rule, there’s no crime,’ Dancing has its do’s and don’ts to help keep dancers focused and professional. Here are some common rules to bear in mind when taking ballet classes in Apopka FL:


  • Be Early to Class

    It's imperative that you arrive early for your ballet class as this gives you time to put away personal belongings, do some stretches and be ready for the class to begin. Situations beyond your control might make you late, do inform your instructor in time about it. But do not be a perpetual latecomer to class.

  • Wear Appropriate and Comfortable Clothes

    Ballet dance involves a lot of stretches, squatting, bending and turning. When coming for a ballet class, don’t appear in jean or baggy trousers as this will limit movement and make it impossible for your body poise to be seen properly by your instructor. Tank tops and tights or yoga pants are the ideal costumes for a ballet class in Apopka FL.

  • Enjoy Yourself

    Dancing is exciting and fun. While in class, try to have fun. Enjoy yourself. Leave your worries at the door and pick it up on your way out. Be friendly with other people there, try to make friends and stay positive.

  • Ask Questions

    You can never go wrong if you ask questions. When in class, ask about routines or steps you do not understand, nobody is going to laugh at you. It’s the job of your instructor to put you through and assist when you have trouble understanding any concepts.

  • Be Proactive

    Being proactive means that you take initiatives. Don’t wait till you are told to do this and that before you do. Volunteer to lead a dance that has been taught before. Challenge yourself as this is the only way to improve and boost your confidence.


  • No Street Shoes

    Ballet dance has its dress code and style, wearing street shoes will make it difficult to perform in a class and its inappropriate to use your bare feet to dance as this may result in you injuring yourself. Adhere to your class training costume.

  • Do Not Restrict Yourself

    It's normal especially if you are new to a dance class to have a particular corner that you call ‘your corner.’ You are not expected to be perfect, challenge yourself and break that routine.

  • Don’t Be A Distraction

    While in class, pay attention as much as you can. Do not distract the class by either chattering with your new-found friend or coming into class 30 minutes late.

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