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Tragedy to Triumph in Classical Ballet

Tragedy to Triumph in Classical Ballet

Tragedy to Triumph in Classical Ballet

Classical ballets are performed to classical music with female dancers usually taken the lead. The first classic ballets were performed during the last half of the 19th century with many taking themes from the supernatural. Many are designed to show women as fragile and in need of protecting. Here are some classical ballets that have been performed around the world.


Most credit the Cinderella ballet as coming from the French storyteller Charles Perrault and choreographed for the Russian ballet by Alexei Ratmansky using music composed by Sergei Prokofiev. Its opening night occurred on November 21, 1945, at the Bolshoi Theatre.


The Coppélia tells the story of a mad inventor and his life-size dolls. It is a comedy, and watching it performed is a great way to introduce children to ballet. The role of the male inventor was originally played by a female named Eugénie Fiocre who later become a real-life baroness. The debut of this ballet was delayed for over a year because the ballet could not find a dancer who was suitable for the leading role. The ballet was originally performed just 12 times when a war broke out and the ballet house was turned into a storage facility. During that time, the original dancer refused to leave, and she starved to death.

Don Quixote

This famous ballet is based on the novel by the same title. It was first performed in 1740, but the first modern performance was held on December 26, 1869. If you see Don Quixote performed today, you are viewing the second version that was first performed in 1900 and staged by Alexander Gorsky who is considered one of the most famous ballet artists of all time. The 1900 version was the first to have the remarkable pas de deux finale.


This dark romantic ballet was first staged in Paris, France on June 20, 1841. This ballet was one of the first to be developed to be enjoyed by France’s middle class as before that ballet could only be viewed by very wealthy aristocrats. The opening night was delayed many months because the lead dancer became ill. Despite months of practicing, things did not go smoothly on the first night as the chief machinist could be heard by the audience shouting orders at his crew. Nonetheless, the audience loved it, and it quickly became one of the most famous ballets in history.

The Nutcracker

Today, about 40 percent of all money earned by ballet companies in America comes from performances of The Nutcracker. While some praised the dancing skill of the Little Sugar Plum during the first performance held on December 18, 1892, the ballet was not a success with even most of the dancers not thinking it was worth saving it. It was not for another 29 years that this ballet was revived and became a success.

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