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Four Benefits of Competitive Dance

Four Benefits of Competitive Dance

Four Benefits of Competitive Dance

Dance is a sport that keeps young athletes in shape all year round.  Competitive dancing offers them the chance to showcase their hard work and talent at competitions and events where they are judged on their performances.  Many young dancers enjoy dancing competitively as a way to boost their skills and engage in a little friendly challenge.  At our dance studio in Apopka, we offer many dance classes that range from recreational dancing to competitive dancing.  There are some great benefits of competitive dance.

Sense of Achievement

Many young dancers enjoy dancing competitively because it provides them with a sense of achievement.  Because dancing can be a sport that many do for recreation and enjoyment, those who are looking for a challenge have the opportunity to upgrade to competitive dancing.  This challenge gives them a sense of achievement after they perform on the stage in front of judges and other dancers.  They can work hard and then watch it pay off when they receive medals for their dances.

Instills Inspiration

Whenever your child is excited about something, they are more likely to try harder and set loftier goals.  Competitive dancing gives them the inspiration to pursue more challenges and dream even bigger.  By providing a challenge, it instills the desire to work harder and try to achieve more each and every time they go on the stage to perform.  Sometimes it can be tough to find inspiration for our kids, but competitive dancing has the ability to both motivate and challenge young dancers.

Gives Experience

Dancing as a competitive sport is a great way for young children to gain experience in critical and high-pressure situations.  They are able to learn how they react and positively cope with these new challenges in their lives.  This has a positive effect on their development, because as they grow, they will continue to learn how to behave in critical and pressuring situations.  Exposure to this at a young age is beneficial.

Constructive Criticism

Every young child should have experience with receiving criticism.  This is part of life, and the exposure to it early on will only help them grow in the long run.  Whenever young dancers engage in competitive dance, they are given feedback that judges and other dance teachers provide to help them grow as dancers.  Sometimes this includes changes for improvement.  By exposing dancers to this early in their dance careers, they have the opportunity to learn from the feedback and react positively to the advice given to them by dance professionals and experts.

These are just a few of the benefits that competitive dance has on the development of young dancers.  When you choose to dance with us at our dance studio in Apopka, you will learn critical skills that will enable you to rise to new challenges and grow as both a dancer and individual.  Contact us today to hear about our class schedule.