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Four Strength Exercises that You Learn in Ballet Class

Four Strength Exercises that You Learn in Ballet Class

Four Strength Exercises that You Learn in Ballet Class

Ballet class may seem like a walk in the park for those in the audience, but it is a rigorous and intense exercise regimen for dancers.  Ballet involves many different moves that engage all of your muscle groups while also focusing on balance, grace, and coordination.  This can be difficult for even the most athletic dancer.  Our ballet classes in Apopka teach our dancers many exercises that provide them with the ability to learn ballet choreography and grow into top notch ballet and pointe dancers.  There are many different strength exercises that are incorporating into our ballet lessons.

Cardio Workouts

In order to be a successful ballet dancer, you must be able to endure long dance routines, which requires strong cardio muscles.  Building up your cardiovascular endurance involves more than just the routines in the dance studio.  These are often equivalent to many low impact cardio workouts, such as walking, swimming, or jogging on the treadmill.  If you do these workouts two to three times a week, you will boost your lung capacity and gain more endurance.

Resistance Training

Using resistance bands and light weights to help provide resistance during your workouts will only make you a better ballet dancer.  During ballet class, you will overwork your joints and muscles in many repetitive movements.  To get stronger, you will also want to do resistance training using these light weights to even out the muscles in your body.  

Core Exercises

Ballet involves many complicated moves that require you to have strong core.  In ballet class, you will do many moves and exercises that focus on your core muscles and build your abdominal strength.  From yoga-style exercises to body lengthening moves, your core is almost always engaged during ballet classes in Apopka.  

High Intensity Interval Training

This type of training is great for building endurance.  Even though it will not seem as graceful as the actual ballet choreography you witness on stage, this HIIT training can work all the large and small muscle groups that make you a better and stronger ballet dancer.  HIIT workouts mimic the structure of ballet class, because they involve bursts of strenuous physical demands and the performance of complex movements.  This also requires a high level of energy that is also needed for success in ballet class.

These are just a few of the major strength exercises that you will learn in our ballet classes in Apopka.  When you enroll in ballet, you actually become a stronger and more coordinated athlete, so this is a sport that gives you an upper edge in many other sports as well.  If you are looking for quality ballet classes in Apopka, consider enrolling at 3D Motion Dance.  Contact us to hear about our ballet class schedule today.