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How to Avoid Dance-Related Injuries

How to Avoid Dance-Related Injuries

How to Avoid Dance-Related Injuries

Even though dancers appear to be elegant and light on their feet as they bounce across the stage, they are actually performing difficult moves that require rigorous practice and training.  This athletic performance leaves them susceptible to injuries if they do not practice the proper safety tips before they dance.  At our dance studio in Apopka, we warm up and cool down before and after each dance class.  There are a few ways that dancers can prevent injuries when they are practicing their dancing.

Warm Up and Stretch

Warming up helps your muscles absorbs quick movements and it increases your core temperature as well as increase blood flow to the muscles. Stretching increases muscles flexibility and joint mobility. You are advised to warm up before stretching as the reverse may result in an injury to cold and inactive muscles. Warm up may involve following the routine of your dance teacher, stretching your legs and arms before class starts, and avoiding overexertion before class.

Get the Right Shoes

When you go to dance class, you want to be sure that you have the right shoes for the style of dancing.   This can provide your feet with the protection they need to avoid injuries during the dance.  For example, ballet and pointe shoes offer your toes protection, as this is where most of the pressure will be during the dance routines.

Rest and Listen to Your Body

Get enough rest when you are hurt or overexerted from dance. One of the mistakes people make during dance is to assume that getting back on the floor even after been injured would aid them heal faster. The truth is that this only worsens your condition. Do not work through the pain. If you get hurt during sports, get healed before you start again. You may not need to wait till it is completely healed as excessive rest may also delay healing. You can resume slowly while using heat to relax tight muscles.

Cool Down

Remember to cool down after you dance.  This will give your body a chance to rest and unwind. This involves performing the same activities you performed for warm up and stretching just before you started your activities.

Take Some Time Off

Even though you love dancing, you should give yourself breaks from time-to-time.  When you give your body a chance to rest, you will have the opportunity to rest your muscles, which can prevent overuse injuries.  This can also give you a time to re-center and ground your mind so that you can focus on the right techniques when you start dancing again.

These are just a few of the ways that you can prevent dance-related injuries from occurring.  By not paying attention to your body and listening to your teachers at our dance studio in Apopka, you may risk becoming injured.  Contact us to hear about our dance classes and schedule your first class with us today.