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Eight Recommendations for an Improved Ballet Audition Cover Letter

Eight Recommendations for an Improved Ballet Audition Cover Letter

Eight Recommendations for an Improved Ballet Audition Cover Letter

Your cover letter, or email, is the first thing a creative staff will see from you. It's their initial impression of you before they view your resume, images, or observe your video. You would be astonished at how much that can influence their opinion. You would also be stunned by the number of people who cannot write a straightforward, concise email soliciting an audition.

Some people are fortunate to discover the significance of a well-written email early on in high school. For example, the only way to communicate with instructors in cyber school is via email. Most onsite academic directors teach students how to email the educators: be clear with what you are asking, and remain respectful even if you are super angry they have not graded a report you turned in a month ago. Career workshops also offer options where you learn how to compose resumes and cover letters, create audition reels, probe for auditions, and apply to universities.

Experts from our ballet classes in Apopka believe everybody should learn how to create a well-written cover letter or email, so here are some tips:

1. Create a header that you can place on all of your audition materials.

It's like fancy stationery for all your digital audition materials. It doesn't need to be anything wild or complicated. Though ensure it's in a font that is easily read. Be certain the header contains your name, email address, telephone number, and physical address.

2. Review each organization's website to know to whom you should address the letter.

It takes a few short minutes to review the name of an Artistic Director. No one enjoys acquiring emails that state "To Whom It May Concern."

3. Begin the letter by noting you want to audition for the organization, what role you're auditioning for, and how you would prefer to audition.

Also incorporate why you hope to dance for the company. Again, this is your chance to demonstrate that you've done your research.

4. Talk about you!

In the next section, brag about yourself. Present a brief summary of who you are as a dancer, where you've trained, what companies and choreographers you've performed with, etc.

5. Include a checklist of items attached to the email or in the parcel if you ship your materials.

This way, the artistic team knows what you sent them. In this paragraph, enclose any Youtube or website links you want the creative staff to review.

6. For the last paragraph, have a respectful sign-off.

Thank the creative staff for examining your materials, and let them know you look forward to hearing from them soon.

7. This doesn't have to be a lengthy letter.

Companies get flooded with audition materials. So keep your letter brief and to the point, one-page max.

8. Use spellcheck!

This should be a given but triple-check a million times. Have friends or relatives read the letter and other audition materials to inspect for mistakes. Errors can make your overall work ethic appear sloppy.

Keep these recommendations in mind when composing your audition cover letter or email. And don't forget to contact us for ballet classes in Apopka. We can't wait to dance with you.