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Eleven Reasons Why You Should Join Ballet Classes in Apopka

Eleven Reasons Why You Should Join Ballet Classes in Apopka

Eleven Reasons Why You Should Join Ballet Classes in Apopka

People often take for granted the benefits of dancing. It can improve your mind, body, and soul in countless ways. These are some of the reasons we think you should try ballet classes in Apopka,

Ballet is a remarkable workout

There is plenty of cardio in ballet. It affects elegance, posture, power, and fitness. What are you doing to stay in better physical condition this year? Why not attempt ballet?

Ballet enhances balance

Balance gets more challenging with age, leading to falls and injuries. Improving your balance with ballet training will help you on multiple occasions in life, not only in the dance studio.

Ballet promotes flexibility

There is plenty of stretching practiced in ballet classes, and nearly every course includes port de bras to liberate hamstrings and extend muscles. But, of course, you can also stretch independently.

Ballet teaches body awareness

Sensing the internal subtleties between stretches and injuries and an external spatial understanding of how to move in a roomful of other dancers is a valuable skill.

Ballet encourages body alignment

In dance, alignment is a continuing learning process – reminding yourself to extend your tailbone towards the floor and engage your lower abdomen, relaxing your ribs and broadening your back. Proper alignment gives the impression that you are taller and more self-confident. Proper body alignment also helps prevent injuries.

Ballet teaches rhythm, timing, and musicality

Holding a beat, moving to music, feeling a rhythm shift, and controlling body timing to abide by the music are essential skills for dancers, singers, musicians, and actors. It helps people like to go social dancing too.

Ballet is great for your brain

Dancers are smart because they constantly build new neural pathways in their brains by memorizing tricky routines and steps. Such memory skills are critical. Beyond the advantages music and movement for your brain, dance helps delay the onset of Alzheimer's.

Ballet encourages discipline

It helps you show up to class for yourself and your friends even if you are sick or don't feel like it. Even if you had a horrible day and feel lousy, you will always feel better after class.

Ballet teaches organization

Getting yourself to class at the proper place and time with your shoes, tights, ballet wear, warmup items, hairbands, pointe shoes, bandaids, toe pads, and knowing how to be creative if you forget any items is a talent.

Ballet teaches an appreciation of history

Ballet started in Italian courts in the 15th century and was carried to France by Catherine de Medici, who later became the Queen of France. Many people appreciate the rituals of ballet, the chivalry, though it isn't an ancient art form compared to other dances like Indian, African, and Hawaiian dance, with ancient traditions.

Ballet gives you a sense of grace

Grace and refinement are helpful in the ballet studio and life – not just how you move but how you greet the world. Port de bras, or carrying your arms, demands plenty of grace.

These are just some of the reasons you should join ballet classes in Apopka. Contact us today for more details.